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Solo Advertising delivered to Text Ad Exchange members continues to far out perform most advertising sites.

We offer Completely Turn Key Businesses, Scripts & a Full Blown Adoption Center for those new folks that just aren't sure. You will want to purchase your site very quickly, once you see the potential income. Good Admins are earning a good second income with Text Ad Exchange advertising sites. You can do the same thing!

Adoption Center

Our Adoption Center offers our latest Super JV Script Businesses. Hybrid Surf, 3 different solo ads, full page login ads and much more! Offer your members monthly Ad Packages, which is a big hit! And bounce scripts that keep your site up and running even with problem members. You will be adopting a sub-domain business and receive 100% of all sales made. Your cost is only $6.95 per month!

Domain Purchase

When you make your purchase you are getting the full package deal. Lease/Purchase sales include hosting for 10 months. Make a full purchase and you get 30 days free hosting. This will give you a month to decide if you are happy with our hosting services. You will be pleased. We have 2 HUGE Servers, with the best of everything anyone could possible need. We offer both sites with Partner Networks already installed and sites with no Partner Networks. Starting at only $12.97 per month!

Script Sales

Here you can purchase any of our scripts. Script sales do not include Network Ads. You will be purchasing the most clean, perfect Text Ad Exchange Scripts available anywhere. We guarantee our scripts, and if you do find something that is not working as it is intended we fix it, 100% Free of Charge!

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